Video of school-boy fighting three police officers goes viral

Monday, February 29, 2016 - 20:00

A video of a boy in school uniform wrestling with three police officers on Independence Square in Port-of-Spain, has gone viral.

The video was shot outside the KFC branch at St Mary's Junction in Couva and was uploaded to Facebook by Kashane Goss on Monday afternoon, with the caption "Police arresting a minor in Trinidad were they too rough or their actions justified ? You be the judge ."

The schoolboy is dressed in a green pants and white jersey and is seen for over three minutes wrestling with two female and one male officer, before he is eventually subdued and taken into a police vehicle.

A large crowd is heard challenging the police to leave the boy alone and also urging the boy not to resist. 

Up until this morning, the video had been shared over 4500 times.

CNC3 has blurred the footage, as the boy could possibly still be a minor.