Shoppers wait in line to cash their goods at PriceSmart, Movie Towne, Invaders Bay, Port-of-Spain last week as they rushed to be essential supplies.

As members of the public continue to access groceries and large retail outlets to purchase essential supplies, owners and operators have been implementing internal health and safety measures designed to protect both employees and the public.

As such, officials at PriceSmart are now appealing to parents to avoid bringing children to outlets where possible.

Further, they are urging that only one family member should access shopping outlets, thereby allowing for more members to shop.

They added, “If possible, please maintain one-meter distance from other members and club employees while shopping.”

The public is being warned that PriceSmart will be, “limiting the amount of members in the building to avoid overcrowding.”

In a public notice dated March 18, officials said they continued to vigorously clean all surfaces and spaces, in addition to providing hand sanitizers at all locations.

In an update earlier this week, chief executive officer Sherry Bahrambeygui said the low stock count included items such as water, milk, beans, rice, pasta, canned seafood, paper towels, bath tissue, cleaning disinfectant, sanitisers, alcohol, soap and detergent, baby care, pain relief, vitamins, supplements, and gloves.

However, she said every effort was being made to replenish supplies as quickly as possible.

Pricesmart has said this, “May involve changing brands and sizes that are typically provided.”

In yesterday’s release, officials warned that “We may place purchase limits on certain items that are in short supply, to serve maximum members.”

The public had also been placed on notice that given this exceptional situation – services including optical, tires and the food court will also be temporarily closed.

Regarding payment methods, officials encouraged the public to avoid cash payment as much as possible and to use contactless credit cards.

And at some locations, Pricesmart said while they had introduced expanded hours of operations to accommodate extended shopping, “In other clubs, we may reduce hours of shopping to comply with local regulations.”

They ended, “We are in unique and challenging times, let’s take good care of each other.”