Doodooman Sankar (79) and Ramdaye Sankar (84), both perished in a fire at their home at St Julien Road, Princes Town, this morning. [Image courtesy Sankar Family]

Member of Parliament for Princes Town, Barry Padarath MP, has put the blame for the death of two elderly constituents earlier today due to a fire squarely at the feet of the Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan.

In a strongly worded release, MP Padarath stated that he had been “clamouring for the St. Julien Road to be fixed and rehabilitated for the past two years” and criticized the Minister for his lack of responsiveness over the issue.

“I have written and spoken to Minister Sinanan over the past two years on the major landslips in the area and drew to the attention of the Minister how critical it was to fixing these landslips, because they had the potential to cut off one community from another or getting essential services to the community in the event of an emergency,” the Princes Town MP revealed in his statement.

MP Padarath said that his pleas fell on deaf ears, with the result that “a fire appliance taking over 40 minutes to reach St. Julien this morning, to quell a fire and save lives when it could have taken fifteen minutes through St. Julien.”

“The death of the elderly couple falls at the doorstep of the Minister of Works and Transport whose callousness has cost two constituents their lives,” he said.

The Princes Town MP said that it was ironic that the elderly couple who perished were part of a protest action between himself and villagers just a month ago over the landslips and road conditions.

The MP called on the Minister of Works and Transport to deal with the issue plaguing St. Julien immediately, so that such a situation would not recur, and result in more lives being tragically lost.