Protesting New Grant residents hold up a sign recalling the Ministerial visit to the area in 2018, when promises were made to fix the roads, but they say have not been kept. (Image by RISHI RAGOONATH)

Residents of Sixth Company Village, New Grant, have blocked several areas in the community with trees and burning debris, over deplorable road conditions and the lack of water.

The police and fire service are being kept busy because as they remove the debris from one area, the residents block another.

Resident Natasha Piper explained that in 2018, they had a massive protest over the same issues. She said the then MP Lovell Francis and several ministers visited, and promises were made, but they never materialised.

“At Dunmore Hill, the land is caving, three homes are being lost and caving away by the landslide,” she lamented. “Were calling on those in authority to do what is necessary to fix such problems in our community.”

She added: “In 2018, we had a massive protest that resulted in the fire brigade coming hosing an elder citizen; her eyes still damage.  We had the then MP Mr Lovell Francis coming with an entourage of Cabinet ministers and made promises and none was fulfilled. So, we are here again four years later.”

Member of Parliament for Tableland/Moruga, Michelle Benjamin MP, is also at the scene of the protest.