Residents of Realize Road, Princes Town, staged a protest this morning, demanding the Works Ministry fix 8 landslips in the area. The road slipped down 20 feet about a month ago, causing distress to thousands of people. (Image: KRISTIAN DE SILVA)
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Frustrated with a lack of water and multiple landslides in their community, residents of Princes Town staged several protests on Wednesday morning.

The first protest took place at Realize Road which has over eight landslips. This road connects Barrackpore to Princes Town.

Resident Raffi Mohammed said the road slipped down 20 feet about a month ago causing distress to thousands of people.

The landslip on Realize Road, Princes Town, a major road connecting Barrackpore to Princes Town. (Image: KRISTIAN DE SILVA)

There are also landslips at Sahadat Trace, Diamond Road, Sahai Trace and Lengua Settlement.

Abdool Mohammed who lives at Lengua Settlement said he has been waiting for 13 years for a landslip to be fixed in his area. He explained that since the St Croix landslip occurred, more vehicles have been traversing in front of his home causing further damage.

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