Oral Saunders

Jannelle Bernard

PSA presidential candidate for the United Public Officers Oral Saunders has expressed concern over what he says is an attempt to implement a new software system on the eve of the election.

Saunders said the PSA election was stopped in 2017 over legal issues concerning the timely preparation if a voter’s list.

He believes this new development can also result in legal challenges.

Saunders, who spoke with Guardian Media yesterday, said, “You must recall that the PSA election was stopped in 2017 and the issue that caused the election to stoop via the court was the voters list and lack of preparation: to present the proper voter’s list for an election. So why is this new system being implemented or proposed to be implemented at this eleventh hour.”

Saunders is also questioning the origins of the new system and whether or not it has gotten the proper approvals.

He said any fundamental change to the election rules must be passed by the general council and also the conference of delegates.

The election is carded for November 23.