PSA President Watson Duke after casting his vote yesterday.

The Public Services Association is hoping to release the results of its ele4ction before the end of the week, after voting took place on Monday in what challengers to incumbent Watson Duke are calling a process marred with many complaints of irregularities and breach of elections rules.

A total of six teams are vying to control the union with its 12,000 members. The election was originally due to take place on November 23 but court action against the process, due to allegations of voter fraud, misappropriation and misbehaviour, delayed the activity. The court then set December 14 as the date but the court action was withdrawn last Friday, allowing the election to go on. On Sunday, however, two teams, the Concerned Public Officers and Labour Warriors, attempted to get election postponed for a third time by the court but their injunction was rejected.

Duke has defended the process and dismissed the allegations being made by his challengers.

“I must admit there are some challenges for persons who wanted to vote and were unable to vote, though some of the members are 26 years, 15 years and ten years et cetera and the principle reason for that is when the list was published they never took the time out to ensure their names were there,” Duke said.

He added that the election was a date he had been waiting for a very long time and he described those who wanted to stop the election as wicked.

“I am confident of victory,” Duke said.