Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith. (Image: NICOLE DRAYTON)

The Police Service Commission (PSC) is remaining tight-lipped about the recruitment process for the office of Commissioner of Police.

Guardian Media sought an update from the Commission, given that this is the last month in office for current Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith.

However, the PSC declined to offer any comments in response to questions as to how it was progressing, and how many people have applied for the Top Cop post.

“Please be advised that the Commission will not be responding to inquiries about the recruitment process for the office of Commissioner of Police,” it stated in a reply to Guardian Media’s email request.

“Remember it is a process. The Commission has its part but there are others…the President, Parliament.  So, the Commission isn’t able to provide any information as the process is ongoing,” the PSC added, further clarifying why it will remain mum on the issue.

Guardian Media understands that Griffith submitted his application on the morning of July 13th, the same day the PSC placed its advertisement for the position of Commissioner of Police (CoP) and extended its invitation for applicants.

Also applying for the position is former executive member of the T&T Police Service Social and Welfare Association, Anand Ramesar.

Guardian Media also has learnt that two current Superintendents of Police and one acting sergeant have thrown their hats in the ring as well.

The closing date for the submission of applications was July 20th.

On June 29th, Griffith announced that he will reapply and seek a second term of office.  During his last official media conference, the top cop said the three-year term of office was a tough one for him, given the many ‘attacks’—as he described it—on him and his family.  He stated at that time that he will be reapplying for the Top Cop position, and promised to be stronger and better in his duties if re-appointed.