Pundit Danraj performs the final rites during the funeral service of Reshma Kanchan at her home in Laltoo Trace, Penal.

It was just five days ago that Reshma Kanchan left her daughters at home to work as a school janitor to ensure their lives would be different from hers.But as fate dealt that chilling blow which saw the 25-year-old mother hacked to death on the roadside, there is a call for citizens to protects their mothers, daughters and sisters from violence. The wails of family members overpowered the voices of speakers at Kanchan’s funeral at her home in Laltoo Trace Extension, Penal, Saturday. Her daughters Shivani, five and Carissa, two, are still not cognizant of the tragedy that befell their family.”When I came here this morning, Reshma’s daughter, I gave her the opportunity to place the garland, and she looked at me and asked ‘Baba, how Mommy looking so different?” Pundit Danraj Rishi Ramjug told mourners.”It worries me that these children will grow up without a mother, and we all know the touch of a mother. My friends, it is no way, I believe, death should be proclaimed. Today, the world is collapsing because of violence. Where is the love in our society? Where is the love in our community? Where is the love in the world today?”Ramjug said that in a society filled with problems, it was important to get children involved in the temples, churches and masjids to teach them about life. He said that with the level of violence in T&T, it was important that people pray every day. “My friends, life will never be perfect. We live with the choices we make and how we make our bed, but no one should take the law into their hands. No one should meet death like this. We have to protect our mothers and sisters. My friends, we have to be scared for their lives. We must pray that God gives us that strength.”According to the police, Kanchan was the 36th person killed as a result of domestic violence for 2020. Shortly before 9 am last Tuesday, her killer, who was waiting for her to leave home, ambushed her with a blade along Laltoo Trace. He severely chopped her on her hands, face and neck, almost severing her head. The suspect then drove off in a black Nissan Wingroad Wagon and cut his throat. While driving, he struck a bin outside Simon Say Chinese Restaurant, blowing out the wagon’s front tyres. Villagers pulled him out of the car, and an ambulance took him to the San Fernando General Hospital where he received treatment under police guard. Relatives said Kanchan ended her relationship with the Siparia electrician months ago. However, he continued going to her mother’s home and abusing her.