Pundit Satyanand Maharaj, Spiritual Leader of the Satya Anand Ashram, Aranguez.

One Hindu Pundit has condemned the recent viral video in social media, showing a medical practitioner engaged in an alleged racist rant, reportedly against an employee.

And Pundit Satyanand Maharaj, the Spiritual Leader of the Satya Anand Ashram, says the Hindu community should have come out in strong condemnation of the man’s behaviour, and has expressed disappointment the denouncement has not been forthcoming.

In an official statement, Pundit Maharaj also observes that the persons hurling abuse in the video also “have shamed the Hindu / Indian community and should be made to pay for that”. He also is recommending that they get counselling, and pay restitution to the person they abused.

In addition, the pundit calls on the Medical Board to sanction the medical practitioner temporarily, by revoking his license.

The full text of his statement follows…


The racist rant by a medical practitioner that went viral last week is simply unacceptable in modern Trinidad and Tobago.  It is repulsive that during the holy season of Diwali—which symbolises light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance—that such a dark and ignorant statement could be made by a person swearing to the Hippocratic Oath to protect all lives.

Most Hindu parents dream of their children becoming doctors or lawyers or engineers. These professions offer financial freedom and demand a degree of intellectual and professional maturity. It is therefore sickening to witness on social media a doctor and wife hurling racial epithets as persons without any education or values. They have shamed the Hindu / Indian community and should be made to pay for that.  

The doctor and wife making the statement both bear Hindu / Indian names and as such, an unequivocal condemnation from the Hindu/Indian community should have been immediate and clear. Sadly, the major Hindu organizations somehow all feel that this is not an issue for them to engage. I, however, as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago that stood up for the Sari Statement by the Prime Minister and defended the Hijab wearing OJT staff member, cannot stand idly by as a silent onlooker.

The darkness of racism continues if not answered with the light of denunciation. As Hindus, we cannot sit doing pujas in mandirs extolling the highest virtues of Hinduism, but when we walk out into the real world those teachings are forgotten.

The Hindu pantheon of divinity reflective of the one God manifests in many forms. Hindu deities assume all hues of the rainbow. The darkness of Kali Mata, to the Illumination of Bramha span the entire spectrum. Sri Ram in the Ramayan and Lord Krishna of the Gita are so dark they are described as blue. So at the very superficial level of the skin, the Hindu cannot afford to be racial.

The racism of the doctor and his wife reflect a darkness of the soul and spirit that should be punished and not allowed to take further root in our society so as to poison more.  In this context, the Medical Board should take urgent steps to suspend the licence from this doctor for a period of no less than a year, and order counselling for both he and his wife, along with some sort of restitution to the abused staff member.

Pundit Satyanand Maharaj
Spiritual Leader
Satya Anand Ashram