From left, Pundit Satyanand Maharaj, Pundit Khemraj Vyas, Attorney Vashist Maharaj and Pundit Bhadase Seetahal-Maraj address yesterday’s new conference at the Devi Mandir Vyas Complex in Charlieville.

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The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) pundits who indicated last week their intention to take legal action against the organisation, say they would support the men they seek to remove if they are democratically reinstated.

In a pre-ac­tion pro­to­col let­ter is­sued on Wednes­day, at­tor­ney Vashist Ma­haraj, who is rep­re­sent­ing the group, claimed that they in­tend to chal­lenge Kr­ish­na Ram­bal­ly and Vi­jay Ma­haraj, the son of for­mer long-stand­ing SDMS sec­re­tary gen­er­al Sat­narayan Ma­haraj, who they claim are wrong­ly pur­port­ing to hold the po­si­tions of pres­i­dent gen­er­al and sec­re­tary gen­er­al re­spec­tive­ly.

In the 11-page let­ter, the pun­dits claimed that Ram­bal­ly and Ma­haraj as­sumed to po­si­tions af­ter for­mer SDMS pres­i­dent-gen­er­al Utham Ma­haraj passed away on No­vem­ber 29, 2018, and Vi­jay Ma­haraj’s fa­ther passed away al­most a year lat­er.

“What we are saying is the Maha Sabha operates under a constitution. It is not a cow. You see if you have a cow you could give that cow to your son and say beta you milk the cow, take the cow, and you sell it and make how much money you want from it. The Maha Sabha cannot be passed from father to son,” Pundit Satyanand Maharaj of Aranguez expressed during a press conference yesterday at the Devi Mandir, Vyas Hindu Complex. He along with other pundits and their attorney contended the SDMS constitution was not adhered to when filling these positions.

The pundits’ are calling for the men to step down from their positions and adhere to their constitution. Pundit Khem­raj Vyas said at the conference that they would support whoever takes up the positions once it was done constitutionally, even if Maharaj and Rambally were to be returned.

“Whatever is done constitutionally- and I make a pledge here…that at the end of this struggle- if these same people who we pledge to remove from offices, if they are constitutionally placed in those positions I would support them 10,000 per cent,” he said.

Clarifying misconceptions, their attorney explained that they were not after the organisation.

“We have no desire to bring down Maha Sabha. We all from our family backgrounds and personal records want to make Maha Sabha into a stronger organisation,” he said.

The SDMS is being represented by attorney Dinesh Rambally who told Guardian Media, “It (the pre-action protocol letter) is erroneous in terms of its factual content so the analysis they would have ascribed to the law, the interpretation these claimants are giving to the constitution of the Maha Sabha is misconceived.”

He also said that they would respond to the letter “in due course” as they are obligated under the laws of the Supreme Court.

The letter was sent to the SDMS heads on March 4 and they have 28 days from then to respond.