It was indeed encouraging to read recently of Works & Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan’s declaration of ‘relief coming for thousands of south commuters’ in a daily newspaper. Encouraging, in that, political blinders may have finally fallen off and the long-suffering rural residents of the south are in for deliverance.

It is in this regard, sir, while I agree that the SS Erin Road and environs are worthy of your attention, the atrocity we call roads in Fyzabad, is equally, if not more deserving of immediate actions.

Apart from the poorly maintained roads caused by years upon years of neglect, at the mere mention of the word ‘road’ immediately springs to mind that dreaded entity known as WASA; an unholy alliance if you ask me.

Given their decades of unflattering experience inflicted upon the nation’s roads, WASA has unilaterally mastered the art of road destruction and continues to happily prove, in no small way, their vile dedication to craft along the Fyzabad Main Road with particular emphasis on the stretch leading up to Avocat Junction.

Commuters and residents alike are faced daily with a barrage of heavy equipment, dust, noise and sludge. Traffic is reduced to one-way at crucial points, causing further frustrations to this daily ordeal we call progress.

My heart goes out to the roadside business owners already saddled by the COVID-19 economic fallout and now confronted with this grave injustice of blocked-in driveways covered by dust throughout the day. Customer parking is virtually impossible.

Minister Sinanan, I beg of you good sir, politics aside, please provide some measure of relief to the residents, commuters and business owners of Fyzabad.