Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial arrives at the United National Congress screening for General Election candidates at the M Rampersad Building in San Fernando last month. Ravi Ratiram eventually got the nod as the candidate.

Former Minister and MP for Couva North Ramona Ramdial is calling on Minister of Trade & Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon to intervene to resolve the conflict between MovieTowne and their landlord to ensure the Cineplex remains open.

On Sunday MovieTowne’s owner Derek Chin said the Chaguanas branch will be closed for good because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic along with MovieTowne’s landlord which have both made it uneconomical for the business to continue.

According to Chin, the Government’s restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 contributed to the decision.

In a statement on Monday, the former MP stated that the government must at this time ensure that jobs are not lost so easily especially during this time of high joblessness caused by the pandemic.

She further stated that saving jobs also saves families.

Ramdial has also called on landlords to have a heart.

She referred to “the shining example of the landlords of Grand Bazaar where they slashed their rents to allow their tenants to survive and prevented job losses.”

The former MP also called on all Central MPs, the Mayor as well as the Chaguanas and Couva business chambers and other stakeholders to join the government in resolving the challenges to allow the Chaguanas MovieTowne to stay open.