Political Analyst Derek Ramsamooj.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has asked Suriname to allow T&T’s honorary consul in Suriname to have a consular visit with political analyst Derek Ramsamooj, who’s still detained there, Foreign Affairs Minister Amery Browne confirmed yesterday.

Two weeks ago, Ramsamooj was detained in Suriname. He was lending assistance to that country’s Public Prosecution Services on an alleged fraud/corruption matter.

Browne said yesterday the ministry has been in touch with Ramsamooj’s family.

“We understand he is in detention in Suriname and is assisting police with a particular matter,” Browne said.

“We’ve assisted his family by sourcing information on a proper legal representative in Suriname and provided information to his wife and since then they have proceeded to recruit competent attorneys.”

Browne added, “There has been communication between our ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Suriname and we’re awaiting further information from that Ministry in Suriname. We’ve requested (of Surinamese authorities) a consular visit by the honorary consul of T&T in Paramaribo.”

Ramsamooj has co-operated in the PPS investigation of alleged issues at the Surinamese Post Savings Bank. When the issue broke, Ramsamooj had driven to the police station to meet with an officer by appointment and had inquired if there were charges proposed. He was told he wasn’t being charged but was asked to help with an investigation.

One Surinamese media report on the issue had carried certain erroneous information mixing up information about Ramsamooj in T&T with information that was actually given in Jamaica.