Dwanye Ramsey uses the railing to assist him in walking down the stairs at the Ministry of Education on St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

Thirty-nine-year-old physically-challenged Dwayne Ramsey was moved to tears yesterday after members of the public rallied together to pay his $1,500 outstanding rent to the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and assist him with pampers, household appliances and money.

Thanking Guardian Media for highlighting his plight, Ramsey said there were still good people in Trinidad.

“This is the second time the Guardian Newspaper has helped me. I am forever grateful to the newspaper and those who came to my rescue. It brought me to tears,” an emotional Ramsey said, during a telephone interview.

“We still have people with good hearts. I am thankful for the outpouring of support.”

On Monday, Guardian Media highlighted Ramsey’s troubles, one of which was being unable to pay HDC $1,500 in arrears.

His greatest worry was being evicted.

Ramsey survives on the monthly $2,000 disability grant from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

After Ramsey pays his $100 a month rent, buys adult diapers, food, toiletries and pays his telephone bill his pockets run dry.

For years, Ramsey has been unable to control his bladder and is dependent on diapers.

To compound matters, he received a letter in early September from the HDC informing him he owed the arrears and if he did not settle the bill within 14 days, action will be taken.

This bothered Ramsey to no end who came to Guardian Media for help.

Ramsey’s father died four years ago, while his mother lives in the US.

His two siblings are in no position to help.

Born with a partially sunken skull, Ramsey struggles to walk due to his deformed legs.

When he was 23, Ramsey had nowhere to live and pleaded with the Government for a shelter in the pages of the T&T Guardian.

In 2006, under then Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s administration, Ramsey was allocated a Charford Court, Port-of-Spain, apartment by the HDC.

Though he struggled over the years, Ramsey said he tried to make ends meet.

“I used to make out good because things was not so expensive at that time. But when COVID come all that change. The price of everything just went up.”

Due to the high cost of living, Ramsey could not balance his budget.

However, within hours of highlighting Ramsey’s plight, president of the Single Fathers Association Rhondall Feeles offered to help.

On Wednesday, Feeles took to his Facebook page, stating that the article pulled at his heartstrings.

Feeles said he often saw Ramsey in town but had no idea of his dilemma.

Feeles paid HDC the arrears and went to the bank with Ramsey who applied for a standing order so his monthly $100 rent can be directed to HDC’s account.

“We gave him some advice on financial management to put him in a better place because it makes no sense to pay his backlog and in the next two to three months he is back in the same situation,” Feeles said.

Several people also donated cash and offered to supply Ramsey with pampers.

Ramsey’s church in St James also promised to give him a stove and fridge.

These appliances which Ramsey had were stolen from his apartment.

Another good Samaritan also paid Ramsey’s rent for 2022 to ease his burdens and stress.

“If these people didn’t assist I might have been out on the streets. I say if it wasn’t for God I might have taken my life already. But Mr Feeles tell meh where there is life there is hope.”

Anyone who wants to assist Ramsey can deposit money into account # 180020567531 or call him at 685-9318.