The damaged gate on the ATP James.

NIDCO says efforts are underway to repair the rear gate of the APT James which was “slightly’ damaged.

The vessel arrived in January.

But according to passengers the damage to the gate is not the only issue.

Those who contacted Guardian Media warned other passengers “don’t expect a comfortable ride on the ATP James if you are pregnant or have back problems unless you can access one of the limited seats that could recline.”

Commuters travelling from Tobago to Trinidad on Thursday complained that none of the seats accessible to passengers could recline. Guardian Media contacted NIDCO, the company responsible for the $73 million vessel.

NIDCO’s corporate communication’s department said only 139 seats on the 926 passenger seat vessel could recline.

It also said the rear gate of the vessel was also damaged.

NIDCO said the “slight” damage to the gate occurred after the vessel was put in service and efforts are being addressed to remedy it.

Passengers who travelled from Trinidad to Tobago complained that the ride was rough and not as smooth as the Jean De La Valette. Nidco said both vessels have the same ride control system.

The ATP James is an all aluminium catamaran that can also carry 250 cars at a speed of 37.5 knots.

After the first commercial ride last week, passengers said they were pleased with the ride and service received on board the vessel.