The statement issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment. (Image courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Regiment Facebook)

The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment is distancing itself from a series of threatening videos by one of its members on social media.

The soldier, who is from San Fernando, was involved in an incident on Tuesday at the HDC Apartment Complex at Embacadere, San Fernando, during which a man was attacked and assaulted in his apartment.  As the soldier fled the scene, his personal vehicle was shot up. He was eventually detained and taken back to the barracks.

However, his alleged victim also was arrested in connection with the shooting incident.

Following this, a series of social media posts began circulating, showing him dressed in his camouflage uniform, plain clothes and bareback. In one of the videos, the soldier is seen smoking a cigarette of an usual length, warning citizens that as of midnight, they [soldiers] will be out in full force. Saying the coronavirus is a serious thing, the soldier said anyone with a criminal record found breaching the COVID-19 protocol will be shot.

Saying that this was not a “kicksy” or “plaything” because the coronavirus is taking lives, he said, “As of midnight anybody gets it.”

The State of Emergency and 9 pm to 5 pm curfew took effect from midnight on Saturday.

In another video, the soldier is seen brandishing a rusted cutlass and threatening to chop people. And in yet another video, he speaks about being accused of shooting up the place while he was on duty, which he denied, but says during the incident his car “get touch”.

He also goes on to accuse a certain man from Broadway of stealing his [the soldier’s] wife, saying the man “had tuh dead”.

A release from the Regiment’s Public Affairs Department stated that they were aware of the videos circulating on social media, which were taken by a service person on his personal cell phone.

“The Regiment wishes to advise the public that the views expressed by the service person in question, in no way represents the views and core values of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment and by extension, the wider Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force,” the official statement read.

Noting that an investigation has been launched, the Regiment indicated that the soldier is confined to the barracks at this time.

“The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment holds its members to the highest standards of discipline and professionalism, and measures taken by persons which contravene good order and military discipline will not be tolerated,” the statement asserted.

The Regiment stated further that it stands ready to continue to do its part in the fight against the global pandemic, as they remain steadfast in their mission to protect citizens and supporting the government in keeping members of the public safe.