Lennard Mohammed 82, who was stabbed and killed, at his Princes Town Home on Monday night.

A 25-year-old relative has been charged with the murder of 82-year-old amputee Lennard Mohammed who was confined to a wheelchair.

Mohammed was fatally stab during an altercation with the relative at his Railway Road, Princes Town home on Monday night.

A police report stated around 9.09 pm they responded to a report of a fight at that address.

When they got there, Mohammed’s wife Sheila Mohammed, 81, reported that her husband had a knife and was threatening her and her relative.

As he came closer towards them with the knife, Mohammed and the relative got into an altercation, during which he (Mohammed) lurched forward and fell off the wheelchair bleeding.

Police found Mohammed’s body lying face down in blood. Three stab wounds were observed in the area of his neck.

Minutes after the altercation, the young man went to the nearby Princes Town Police Station with his mother and told the officers what had happened.

An autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre revealed that he died from multiple stab wounds.

Relatives, including Mohammed’s wife Sheila, 81, however, said he was protecting her (Sheila) from her husband.

After reviewing the evidence, Deputy director of Public Prosecutors Joan Honore-Paul instructed homicide detectives to charge him.

He will appear virtually before a magistrate on Monday.