Shammi Persad (left) and Azardeen Mohammed, brother of Shaffick Mohammed who was chopped in the head at his home in Woodland, show Shaffick’s clothes covered in blood.
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Relatives of twin brothers Shaffick and Sadiq Mohammed, who were wounded in a chopping attack, say they are being denied the opportunity of seeing them at the hospital.

Mohammed’s sister, Mumtaz, said they were told Shaffick needed surgery on his head but this is not being organized immediately.

Shaffick Mohammed, with a heavily bandaged head.

“They said there are 11 people before him to get surgery, so he has to wait. We cannot get to see him yet because the police are with him,” Mumtaz said.

She explained that Sadiq was in fear for his life.

“Right now, we are being harassed and everyone is against us, but those people came by my mother’s house.  They came where my brothers were sleeping and attacked them and they defended themselves,” she said.

Mumtaz told Guardian Media they have always been involved in a feud in their area.  She admitted that her brothers had criminal records but said they were assisting police, and Shaffick was a State witness.

Sadiq Mohammed has been discharged from hospital and is afraid for his life.

But villagers described the brothers as pests.

“The community and villagers are outraged, disheartened, upset, sad that you all [Guardian Media] did not get the two sides to the story,” one resident said.  

“The community has been dealing with these two brothers for years now.  These brothers are pests in the community.  They have been taunting the community with violence for years.  They have been harassing and hurting the community, physically and mentally,” the resident added.

Police confirmed they are investigating the chopping and will lay charges.