Romel Cudjoe, 19, who was killed in Port-of-Spain on Friday night.

Relatives of Romel Cudjoe, 19, who was shot dead in Port-of-Spain on Friday night, are calling on anyone who knows who did it to contact the police immediately as they want nothing less than justice.

Cudjoe, of Valencia, was found dead at about 10.20 pm near a water tank at the Duncan Street apartment buildings. Police said he had a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. A team of officers from the Port-of-Spain Division, supervised by Supt Brandon John and included PCs Chinpire, Liverpool and WPC Jordan visited the scene and are continuing investigations.

Relatives, who were at the Forensic Science Centre yesterday, were very distraught and spoke little of Cudjoe and/or the circumstances that surrounded the killing. One relative said Cudjoe’s death came as a shock and all they needed was justice. “We want anyone who saw what happened and have any idea as to why he was killed to contact the police. We need answers. We need to know why. We need justice, “ a relative said. Investigating officers said they had no leads yet in the case and added that no one from the area in which Cudjoe was found dead was willing to cooperate with them.