Remembering a journalist and friend: Veteran journalist Samuel McKnight who died on Friday morning.

Tributes have been pouring in for journalist Samuel McKnight, who died yesterday at the age of 58.

McKnight, who spent decades in the media, last worked as a member of Guardian Media Limited, where he spent just over a decade (2006-2017) as a Senior Reporter with CNC3 focusing mainly on crime reporting.

McKnight also reported on Carnival and culture and was regarded as “the newsroom historian” for his wide knowledge of historical events which shaped the country.

He was also passionate about the Tunapuna community, where he lived, and would often any problems affecting residents there.

Following his passing on Friday morning, members of Guardian Media Limited remembered not only a journalist but a man who brought life and flair anywhere he went.

Guardian Media’s Managing Editor Rosemarie Sant, who served as Head of News at CNC3 at the time when McKnight worked, remembered “Mac” as he was commonly called, as someone you could not easily forget.

“Mac was truly a great man. Mac was one of those reporters who you took pleasure in coming to work to meet. He was always an ideas man. Mac never sat down by his desk and wait for you to give him an assignment. He would always come to you with one hundred ideas. If he couldn’t get a cameraman he would be very upset but that was the mettle of the man.”

Sant continued, “He never bore grudges, he was always busy doing his work because it was his life. He came to CNC3 from the Newsday so it was a whole new ball game for him but he really stepped up to the plate. He was always pushing himself to be the best that he can be. He was not someone you could easily forget.”

Photographer and Senior Photo Journalist Nicole Drayton also paid tribute to Mac’s strong work ethic.

“He was the ultimate journalist, always on his beat, knew what he wanted to do and always ready to be in front of the camera,” Drayton said.

Although McKnight spent most of his years in the print media, he developed his own style and unique technique for doing on-camera pieces, which were not only filled with information but humour as well.

Senior Video Editor Jason Perriera recalled editing several of his pieces.

“Samuel McKnight, he was a gentleman. It was quite a joy to work with him. He wrote some excellent stories. The way he would write was quite different from any of the reporters and the use of his video and the way he would say things was quite amusing. It really was a joy working with Samuel over the years.”

But members of the media were not the only ones paying tribute to McKnight.

Barataria/San Juan MP Dr Fuad Khan took to his social media page saying, “He was certainly persistent and dedicated to his profession. We had some laughs along the way but now its time for him to rest. We mourn with his family, appreciating his contribution.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Joanne Archie also recalled McKnight’s rigour as a crime reporter.

“Really cannot forget you from my early days as the TTPS Public Information officer when you gave me a haaaaaaard time at our weekly press briefings, with your many shotgun questions which had me doing the jig that you could have sworn that I was being cross-examined in a murder trial. I mean, that prepared me going forward as the spokesperson for the TTPS. We sparred a lot at those briefings but when I come from in front of the camera, well we would laugh it off. RIP brother.”

McKnight retired from media in 2017 and had been ailing for some time, but still kept in touch with his colleagues in the newsroom and continues to show his fighting spirit.

He would have celebrated his 59 birthday on February 18.

He is survived by his five children, 12 grandchildren and wife.

“Mac wherever you are, rest in peace eternal,” said Sant.

Guardian Media extends condolences to the family and friends of Samuel McKnight.