Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Works and Transport Navin Ramsingh, left, speaks with councilor Deryck Bowrin, councillor Javed Mohammed and with residents of Grants Road, Rousillac where he assured that road works will start on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Works and Transport promises that repairs to Grants Road, Rousillac will begin this morning, however, protesting residents are keeping a watchful eye should there be another delay.

A technical team from the ministry and the contractor, Carib Asphalt Pavers Ltd (CAPL) visited the community yesterday to discuss the work on the dilapidated road that has potholes as large as the width of the roadway.

The visit followed another fiery protest by residents on Monday. Grants Road links the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension to the Southern Main Road in Rousillac and is used by motorists travelling to and from La Brea, Point Fortin and Cedros.

The Ministry’s Chief Technical Officer Navin Ramsingh told reporters that the team visited the area to ensure the work begins. Ramsingh told residents that although the Ministry awarded a contract to CAPL in August, the road condition changed, so the Ministry had to re-examine the type of repairs needed. While the project needs additional funding, Ramsingh said there is already a contract, which allows work to begin.

“The ministry is committed to making sure this road is repaired. I assured the residents that tomorrow, we would start some work in the area and they also identified some other roads that they wanted to fix. So we will work together with the Corporation closely and get some material from them, and try to do as much work as we could do as possible to provide some relief for the residents in this area,” Ramsingh said.

Mon Desir councillor Deryck Bowrin, who joined the resident’s fiery protest on Monday, said the residents would hold the Ministry to that statement.

Bowrin said the residents were happy that Ramsingh took the time to visit the community. However, if repairs do not start, the residents will decide how they show their displeasure.

“They have our full support,” Bowrin said.

Vice-chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation Chandra Ramadharsingh said if the ministry had a representative at the regional committee meetings, there would be a direct communication between both government bodies. However, Ramadharsingh said the Corporation was willing to work with the ministry, especially as it wants Grants Road fixed so it can repair Neranthar Trace. Neranthar Trace falls under the purview of the Corporation.

She said that initially, the ministry planned to pave a quarter of the road, but they advocated for the entire length.