Professor Terence Seemungal, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the UWI.

The committee investigating COVID-19 treatment within the Parallel Healthcare System and patient outcomes was submitted to the Prime Minister.

This is according to Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, who said the report was presented to him on Tuesday afternoon.

“Simultaneously, I sent a copy to the honourable Prime Minister because this was his initiative,” he said.

While the Prime Minister said the report will be made public when he announced the formation of the committee, Minister Deyalsingh was unable to say when it will be done.

“The timing as to when it will be made public is at the prerogative of the honourable Prime Minister. So yes the report has been concluded and yes we have it in hand,” he said.

Headed by the University of the West Indies’ Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Professor Terence Seemungal, the committee was initially given a one-week deadline when it was announced in January. However, it later asked for a three-week extension which was granted.

The other members of the committee are the former dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Prof Emerita Phyllis Pitt-Miller, public health specialist Dr Anton Cumberbatch, consultant anaesthetist and intensive care specialist Dr Vidya Dean and Director of the Caribbean Centre for Health Systems, Research and Development, Faculty of Medical Sciences Prof Donald Simeon. (RK)