Reshma Kanchan was killed while on her way to work this morning.

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The funeral for Reshma Kanchan will be held today and relatives say they’re hoping that mourners will stay away in keeping with the COVID-19 health protocols and view the proceedings online.

Kanchan’s first cousin Michael, who lives opposite to her home, said yesterday that they did not want any breach of the COVID regulations and understood the importance of adhering to all the protocols. He said they had no update on the man who murdered his beloved cousin, noting that the news of her death had made world news.

Kanchan, 24, a URP worker employed at a primary school, died after her ex-lover ambushed her and chopped her multiple times, almost severing her neck on Tuesday.

The alleged perpetrator, who works as an electrician, then attempted to slit his throat. He was arrested while smoking a cigarette while bleeding severely from his self-inflicted wounds. He remains in police custody and will be charged with murder, following which he will appear in court.

Kanchan lived at Laltoo Trace with her two daughters, aged five and two, as well as her mother-in-law. A month before her death, Kanchan wrote a Facebook post explaining that most times when women leave an abusive relationship, they do so to find themselves.

Her relatives said she has been physically abused since she had been married five years ago. Several reports were lodged at the Penal Police station according to her mother Davica, but this was disputed by senior officers there.

Kanchan was the 10th woman to have been killed this year following domestic disputes. Because of the stress of COVID-19, incidents of domestic violence have been on the increase, the TTPS has said.

In January this year, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith established the Gender-based Violence (GBV) Unit with a specialised team to deal with cases of domestic violence. There are ten stations with GBVU officers but Penal is not one of them.

Earlier this week, Womantra director Stephanie Leitch said police are mandated to respond to all distress calls whether or not they belong to the GBV.