Presbyterian Moderator of the Synod, Rev Joy Abdul Mohan

Radhica De Silva

Urging citizens to work harder to protect children from predators, vice president of the Rapid Fire Kidz Foundation Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan has called on citizens to be more vigilant.

Speaking at the blessing of the foundation’s creche at Palmiste Park, in San Fernando, on Tuesday night, Abdul-Mohan said she was disturbed by the number of cases of child abuse that have been reported by the Children Authority.

“Eighteen hundred cases of abuse were recorded within 21 weeks and months apart by the Children’s Authority. The statistics are appalling,” she said.

Abdul-Mohan who is also the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church said the Rapid Fire Kidz Foundation will continue to educate children and “fuel their hearts.”

Bringing a message about Christmas, Abdul-Mohan pointed out that even in the days of Jesus’s birth King Herod wanted to harm children and had ordered all male children to be killed.

She noted that Jesus’s earthly parents Mary and Joseph found a way to protect him.

“So too we must protect our children. We as a foundation is calling on all citizens to bring the Herods of the 21st-Century to justice.

“We have to be the voice of the voiceless because children have no voice. There have been declarations and conventions about the rights of children but these are not being implemented. We must take care of our children and provide a safe environment for them,” she added.

President of the foundation Kevin Ratiram said in 2022 he planned to continue the Eyes Right project. The project had been stopped in March 2020 when the sponsor Hard Rock Cafe closed down.

“We are happy to announce that Atlantic has agreed to come on board and sponsor the projects for the next year. We eagerly look forward to the reopening of schools to resume that project. In 2002, a prominent bank has also agreed in principle to sponsor an art competition which the Foundation first started in 2017,” he added.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the foundation can contact Ratiram at 767- 0774. — RADHICA DE SILVA