Becker Seelal has been missing since Monday

The family of missing Carapichaima farmer, Becker Seelal, is offering a $30,000 reward to anyone who knows of his whereabouts.

“It was on Ian Allyene last night. We put out a $30,000 reward for him. Anyone with information that could help us find him,” said his grief-stricken, 21-year-old sister Allison Seelal. 

During the brief telephone interview with Guardian Media, her voice cracked and she sniffled as she expressed fear that something bad had happened to her brother.

“That’s not him. He never did this before, never. My mom grew us up better than that. He told her he is going to collect money for his produce, and he is coming back home and he is going to meet someone else. We called that someone else, but they have no information,” she said.

28-year-old Becker Seelal left his Brickfield Village, Waterloo Road home around 3 pm on May 4th to collect some money from a customer. He did not leave with his vehicle. Video footage shows him walking in the Brickfield area about a half an hour later.  His sister, Allison maintains that if Becker was safe, he would have contacted them by now.

“My brother, basically, he is the head of the family. He will not do his sisters that. My siblings, we all have this close relationship, my brother will never put us through this,” she insisted.

She recalled that Seelal’s girlfriend called their mother during the early hours of the morning on May 5th to find out if he was home.

“We saw that he was missing but we thought perhaps, he is a boy, he would have gone by a friend and then he will come home. But that was not the case. We waited until morning; we did not see him return. We checked his garden and then we made the report.”

Allison explained that the garden is not far from their home and is within walking distance. However, it is situated in isolated, bushy area.

The family has been searching near his garden and surrounding areas but have found no clues about Becker’s whereabouts.  The police are also searching with sniffer dogs, but the family has not received an update as yet. However, they are satisfied with the response.

“It may hinder their investigation if they tell us too much, but they are assisting us. They have search dogs out trying to get a scent or anything where he disappeared,” Allison said.

She said the police advised them to halt their searches in the area because their presence might “hinder the scent”.

In the meantime, she said they are praying and hoping that he will return safety home. 

The TTPS is strongly urging anyone with information to contact the Freeport Police Station at 673-0026, 673-0200, or the police hotlines 999, 555, 800-TIPS. Information also can be shared via the TTPS app or website.