Sunil Dookie, 36, from Thompson Trace, Siparia was charged for the murder of his ex-wife who he was found dead on September 29th at Laltoo Branch Road, Penal. Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Mrs Honore Paul gave the instructions to lay the charge on October 9th.
According to police reports, investigations revealed that Sunil Dookie made a report to the Siparia Police Station on September 28th of domestic problems with the deceased and of suicidal feelings. Further information revealed that the deceased left her home at approximately 8.45 am on September 29th, and was seen arguing with a person in a black vehicle.
Shortly after the vehicle sped off driving west and the deceased was discovered by villagers on the ground suffering from apparent chop wounds and lifeless. Sunil Dookie was apprehended after the vehicle he was driving colliding with a metal garbage bin along the Laltoo Branch Road, he was suffering from a wound to his neck. Sunil is expected to appear before a Siparia Magistrate on October 12th.