Today's Riverine Flood Alert is at YELLOW Level. (Image courtesy TTMS)

The Met Service has moved its Riverine Flood Alert from ORANGE to YELLOW Level, but it still will remain in effect until 6 pm on Saturday 21 August 2021.

The YELLOW Level Alert was activated at 8 am today, Friday August 20th, with the Met Service urging the public to continue monitoring weather conditions and river levels before venturing out, and to avoid areas with flood waters.

The Alert issued this morning states:

“While river levels are steadily decreasing and are expected to continue on this downward trend today, some locations remain under flood waters, particularly in low lying areas. There is a potential for afternoon isolated heavy showers and/or thunderstorms which are not expected to affect water levels in the major rivers; however, these can quickly overwhelm smaller water courses and further exacerbate inundated areas.”

The Met Service is advising the public, especially persons living in areas along waterways and low-lying areas in Trinidad, to plan safety measures, including emergency supplies of food and water.

More information on the alerts can be accessed from the Met Service at, and the ODPM at