The weapon used by the bandits during the robbery

Two bandits were foiled in their attempt to rob a La Romaine supermarket, this morning, when police showed up and they got locked inside the building.

Investigators said the suspects, both from San Juan, hid by a freezer when police arrived at the Bamboo Supermarket along the Southern Main Road.

A report stated that when the armed bandits entered the supermarket around 9.30 am, someone contacted the La Romaine Police Post, informing officers of a robbery in progress.

A wireless transmission was sent for assistance. San Fernando Police Station, Crime Patrol Unit, Emergency Response Patrol, DUI Task Force and Guard and Emergency Branch responded and sealed off the area with heavily armed officers.

When the officers arrived, the bandits were robbing the cashier near the exit. Realising they were out-gunned, they ran further into the supermarket to hide. The two employees ran out and locked door. They told officers that they could not find the key. The officers broke the lock and when the team of Inspector Caraspie, PC Basdeo, PC Sujeet Ramcharan and PC Ferguson called out to men to surrender, there was no response.

The employees were able to tell the officers where the bandits hid their gun among sacks of flour. While reviewing the surveillance footage at the front of the store, the officers noticed one of the bandits hiding behind a freezer, while the other laid on top of the freezer and used Styrofoam containers to shield himself. When officers pulled the bandit from atop the freezer, the money he had stolen fell out.

The bandits were arrested and taken to the San Fernando Police Station for further inquiries.

Police told Guardian Media that a third suspect escaped. They believe he may have driven the getaway vehicle (a Nissan AD Wagon).

A search was launched for the vehicle and its driver.