A California man was chased and restrained by his victims after he robbed and shot at them yesterday.

According to police reports, around 5:30 pm on May 25th, two men and one woman were in the car park of a supermarket located at Lisas Boulevard, Couva, when they were approached by a man. The man announced a robbery and relieved the three persons of a quantity of jewellery, three cell phones, and one wallet containing $800. He also dealt the victims several blows about their bodies.

He then attempted to escape by running away along Lisas Boulevard, however, he was pursued by the victims. The man then turned, pointed a firearm in the direction of the victims and fired several shots. The suspect then stumbled several times, fell down and sustained several injuries.

The suspect was then held and restrained by the victims who then contacted the police. Ag Sgt Modeste, PC Rajpath, PC Hosein, PC Flemming, and party of officers visited the scene, made observations, interviewed several persons, arrested the suspect and took him to the Couva Police Station.

The suspect was then taken to the Couva Health Facility to seek medical attention. While conducting enquiries officers found one Smith and Wesson .38 revolver with two live rounds of ammunition, three spent shells and several exhibits were recovered. Investigations are continuing.