Former chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Terry Rondon.

Former Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Chairman Terry Rondon has signalled his intention to vie as a potential candidate for the Toco/Sangre Grande seat in the upcoming general elections.

It’s not clear yet who will replace incumbent MP Glenda Jennings-Smith.

The PNM’s Toco/Sangre Grande constituency executive is supporting former councillor Lorraine Heath.

Heath is the Corporate Secretary of the Land Settlement Agency.

In a brief telephone interview with Guardian Media, Rondon said he has considered running.

“I am placing myself before my party to represent my people”, Rondon said.

The selection of candidates for the constituency has already had its complications, with former West Indian bowler, Mervyn Dillon initially being given the nod over Heath, incumbent MP Glenda Jennings-Smith, Roger Monroe, Courtney Francis, David Guy and Dhanoo Sookoo.

So far the party’s screening committee, headed by the Prime Minister, has not selected any of the nominees who were put forward for screening.

Since the last screening, the Toco/Sangre Grande constituency has gone further afield to seek out potential candidates for the seat.