Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley greets supporters during a motorcade on Covigne Road, Diego Martin, yesterday.

The Opposition United National Congress is undermining the electoral process with an act of corruption by distributing stoves, fridges, televisions and microwave ovens trying to nakedly bribe people for Monday’s election, says Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Speaking at last night’s PNM meeting in Tunapuna, Rowley warned that those who are undecided about who they’ll vote for on Monday need to make up their minds before they support the destruction of T&T’s values and governance which is taking place with the UNC’s action.

“Tonight, social media is awash with UNC distributing fridges, TVs stoves and microwaves and they’re not bothered by offloading this nakedly, trying to bribe the electorate,” Rowley said as he continued an argument on the issue which he’d alerted the public to on Tuesday.

“Take careful note of the UNC undermining the electoral process. When you can be so bold and brass faced and shameless to be going to people’s home and saying ‘I will give you a fridge for the eight votes in your house’ – that is an act of corruption!

“Today is a fridge, tomorrow, what will it be in the next elections? What kind of country is this and who are these people campaigning with barrels of old cotton $100 notes, saying they’ll change it when they win – and people are believing that.”

He added, “That’s what we‘re looking at on Monday: the UNC has corrupted this country in a way that’s unbelievable.’’

Rowley said if people knowingly accepted this behaviour they would be accomplices to corruption.

“Nobody in T&T I know wants to be an accomplice to the destruction of our values and governance,” he said.

Rowley said it was the sort of politics that damaged T&T – the politics of fridge, stoves and microwave ovens – posing a threat to the next generation if people felt they had to take the items as it represented money that was taken from them.

He said people shouldn’t forget how to respond to this and he hoped they would do what they have to in order to save T&T – and vote PNM.

Rowley said he’d heard people saying the UNC “is tief but they is give we some.”

He added, “It tells me the cancer is spreading … you see that thing about ‘all politicians corrupt’ – well, speak for yourselves!

“Where the hell it come from that once you get into government, you become a millionaire and start tiefing like somebody cat? Then telling people that’s how it supposed to be!’’

Rowley said the UNC had “promised out the country” before elections and ambassadors of other states in T&T who would be observing the campaign would see the UNC “trying to bribe the whole country”.

He said all of Tobago cheered when late President ANR Robinson appointed Patrick Manning as Prime Minister on the basis of moral and spiritual values.

“Who will call out the UNC and maintain moral and spiritual values of leadership whether in church, politics or media – who will stand for the youths?” he asked.

He said the PNM had changed the governance structure, tone and produced more for T&T with less. He said the UNC kept deeming T&T a hellhole, “But this is a beautiful country and we won’t fail, we’ll pick up our burden and walk as we’re our brother’s keepers and if you’re not strong enough, I’ll carry you!”

Rowley was almost eclipsed in volume, tone and battle tenor by PNM St Augustine candidate Renuka Sagramsingh-Sooklal. He lauded her as a rising star destined for big things. He said he was glad she was on PNM’s side “… As I don’t want to cross her!”