Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has said that the behaviour of Opposition members, and particularly the Opposition members of the Senate who formed part of the Electoral College, have been “nothing short of disgraceful and reprehensible”.

He said the behaviour of some of the Opposition members “have disgraced this country”.

He described the statements by the Opposition were made up of “allegations, misrepresentations and other kinds of ‘tions’.”

He said what the Parliament should have been debating today was a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister “since it was being said that the Prime Minister overreached”.

He said, however, that the goalpost was being moved, with the Opposition wanting the logbook of President’s House “to see if the Prime Minister was at the building”.

He maintained that he gave no instructions to the President on how to proceed.

With regards to the proceedings in the Parliament, he said that the Constitution “specifically said how you go about step by step in removing the President”.

“No amount of jumping up by the tall lady and the short man could change the Constitution,” he said.

Members of the Opposition in the House of Representatives today.

“What they were asking today for the house to do is to bypass the Constitution and have a debate,” he said.

“So it’s quite alright, according to them today to disregard these provisions of the Constitution but they spent the past two weeks surmising that somebody named or unnamed did not follow the Constitution,” he added.

He added that Parliamentary Standing Order’s state that when a motion is sent to the Speaker, it must be read in the House as it and cannot expand on it, as he dismissed the Opposition’s attempts to have the Opposition Leader speak further after reading the motion.

He accused the Opposition members of “trying to play the victim” and were trying to encourage the Speaker to ask at least one Opposition member to leave the Chamber.

He said they would have then all walked out of the House.