PNM political leader Dr Keith Rowley takes the podium to begin his address to supporters in La Brea last night.

Gail Alexander

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has alleged the UNC is distributing truckloads of stoves, fridges and microwave ovens in the South and East and he told supporters to take them all and then vote for the PNM.

Rowley said last night, “Take the stove! Take the fridge! Take the microwave!”

‘’Take it all as it’s being brought to you from the money they took from you and they’re now using to get your vote. And after you take it all go and vote solidly for the PNM! It’s coming in a truckload close to you soon. Take it, take it!”

He made the claims at last night’s PNM La Brea meeting. Sitting in the front row and applauding was former minister and PNM vice chairman Robert Le Hunte who was initially favoured by PNM’s La Brea executive to be their candidate. But he wasn’t chosen. He was acknowledged by Rowley.

Rowley said he wondered what the international observers the UNC wanted for the polls would say if they see the truckloads of stoves and fridges.

“They’re corrupting the election process,” he alleged.

“We have no fridge or stove to give you, only good governance. I represented the people of Diego Martin West – I never had to give anybody a mango for a vote!”

Rowley also claimed the UNC was giving large bills to criminals, promising to change it when they returned to government and those elements are saying the money will have to be changed.

He said Government has just sent money to overseas embassies to give to stranded nationals who genuinely need help.

But he said the UNC was now coming “all of a sudden” with a COVID plan since that party realised votes were “on to them.”

Verbally shredding the UNC’s plan, Rowley said the centrepiece was the UNC’s plan for a “dome” around T&T to prevent illegals and the virus.

“Well, brother, I not on social media, but I hear social media roast they behind with this!” he declared.

“So after 24 hours they produce another one and change it to a virtual safety net. If you want dome and puncheon rum, vote for them, but if you want sane, responsible government, PNM’s here.”

Rowley said T&T won’t be able to recover if voters make a mistake as they did in 2010 and people had to buckle down and get serious to “get over this hump”.

He said if his party wasn’t elected next Monday. “ I will thank you very sincerely for the opportunity you gave me to run T&T’s affairs and I will walk out with my head high because I did my duty! So I expect every man and woman to do their duty on August 10 and come out and vote!’’

No refinery deal before Monday – Franklin

Energy Minister Franklin Khan said Government is in a “very very advanced stage of negotiation” with Patriotic for the Guaracara refinery. “I see no encumbrances in bringing it to a close.”

But he said Government won’t be bullied into signing the agreement before Monday’s election. He noted complaints on this from Patriotic. But Khan said Government won’t close the deal before Monday, “We’re negotiating in good faith – the deal is almost there.”

He said there are a couple things to thrash out. But when the document goes to Cabinet for approval, it will be a very robust one seeking T&T’s interest.

“Because when you put pen to paper- that’s it, no recourse. The lawyers might smile with you but after they might say check clause X,” he noted.

Khan lauded Minister Stuart Young for his part in working on energy issues, “That gentleman, Mr Young is bright, articulate and he’s an asset to the PNM – I make no apologies for that. Very rarely you get a young person coming in and finding their way so soon and quickly. In my 20 years, I haven’t seen a young politician come and make his contribution felt to the party and the development of the country like that.