A screen grab of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley during his address to party supporters at the PNM Tobago Council Election Launch 2021 on Sunday.

Tobago’s future is not to be trifled with, according to PNM political leader and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley as he called on Tobagonians to “choose wisely” when they go to the polls on December 6.

Rowley was at the time delivering the feature address when the PNM’s Tobago Council launched its election campaign on Sunday night at Shaw Park.

Rowley said the residents of Tobago can only benefit further once the THA and Central Government can work hand in hand. He said those on the island can count on the government to give Tobago every chance to be the best they can be but he warned, “Be careful what you do on the 6th of December.”

Rowley said detractors are complaining but most of the outstanding problems are being dealt with. He said the island has enough health care facilities and schools. He said it was the PNM government that took the decision to purchase two new fast ferries for the inter-island sea bridge at a cost of $1 billion. Rowley remarked that he was returning from the COP26 conference by way of the Grantley Adams International Airport via Barbados. He said that the facility was busy with tourists. Rowley said that was the same development he wanted to see coming to Tobago.

However, Rowley said the government wants support from the people. He said the airport can be the catalyst for investment and the construction of more hotel rooms on the island, which he said can address the issue of unemployment.

Rowley said Tobago was also going to get a marina even if the government has to be a partner in that project.

He added there have always been detractors to development in Tobago by way of persons seeking political gain. He said when the Claude Noel Highway was being built there was opposition against it.

Meanwhile, the PNM’s Tobago Council would start the push for autonomous self-governance, said Tracey Davidson-Celestine, the candidate for Signal Hill/Patience Hill.

Davidson-Celestine, the Political leader of the PNM’s Tobago Council and PNM’s choice for the next Chief Secretary, said once the PNM regains control of the THA, autonomy talks would start. She said those opposing the PNM in Tobago are seeking cessation from Trinidad, “their leader wants to be Prime Minister of Something.”

Without calling names, she said those on the other side are planning a massive retrenchment of employees of the THA should they get into power.

“We are to take no chances,” she said.

Davidson-Celestine said the PNM plans a facelift of Scarborough and several programmess for the development of the people.