A man looks through the locked door at the Royal Castle outlet along the SS Erin Road, Debe on Monday.

All Royal Castle outlets across the country were finally opened yesterday after they were able to get a proper stock of chicken.

The company was unable to reopen all restaurants on Monday, the first day of Government’s phase one of the COVID-19 reopening process.

An executive member of the company said this was due to the fact that the company was unable to put measures in place to get a stock of chicken after Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley made the announcement of the reopening on Saturday. Rowley announced that all food outlets would be allowed to reopen after being closed for one month due to the COVID-19 pandemic but would only be allowed to do pick up service.

But Royal Castle has said this was not enough time to get its supplier to deliver chicken to all its outlets and queried how competitor KFC managed to achieve this in the same timeframe.

However, Prestige Holdings CEO Simon Hardy has credited his franchise’s ability to restart promptly due to a planning strategy which saw them putting their chicken supplier, Arawak Limited, on standby. Arawak, in fact, delivered chicken to KFC outlets between Sunday and Monday. Church’s Chicken also applied a similar plan and got their delivery of product in time to open branches on Monday.

Speaking to Guardian Media yesterday, Royal Castle said it had received the chicken and all restaurants were reopened.

Under the new regulations, food establishments are allowed to open till 8 pm with no dine-in services or on-site eating.