A 39-year-old coast guardsman who allegedly insulted police officers after they escorted him home, has been charged with breach of curfew.

According to a report, a party of officers were on patrol yesterday when around 12.10 am, they received a report a car suspiciously parked in front of someone’s home at Caratal Road, Gasparillo.

The officers responded and found the suspect sleeping in the driver’s seat. They woke him up and identified themselves.

The suspect told the officers that he was a member of the Coast Guard and had just finished work. He said he was tired and stopped to make a call.

Based on his driver’s permit, the officers realised that he lived a short distance away and decided to escort him home.

However, as the suspect reached home and saw people watching next door, he started shouting and pointing at the police, saying “This is what allyuh good for, fight down. Why allyuh making a scene. Allyuh stupid police.”

He also reportedly referred to one of the officers as a “little black boy” and asked the officers, “Is dotish allyuh dotish?”

The officers then arrested the suspect and took him to the Gasparillo Police Station where he allegedly told them that he “really went to check them boys down the road.”

PC Dass then charged him with breach of curfew, disorderly behaviour and the use of insulting language. —Kevon Felmine