Mohammed Nasir Uddin Manager of Mumtaz Enterprises says Tobagonians are rushing to buy cellphones.

Tobagonians have started stocking up on cellular phones, radios, flour and bread.

Mohammed Nasir Uddin, who operates Mumtaz Enterprises at the Gulf City Mall, Lowlands, said customers had started acquiring phones, cables, batteries, radios and other available communication devices.

Uddin said people were fearing the worst since Tobago was a small island whose umbilical cord was attached to Trinidad.

He said in the last few days, customers had been rushing to purchase these items since they do not know how long the restrictions regarding COVID-19 would last and when the virus would go away.

Uddin said he had a few cellphones in stock and was not expecting any supplies in the near future since his chain of supply was directly out of New York in the United States.

He said the store remained with a few electronics and many phone cases.

He said staff may have to be sent home until the goods could be shipped to T&T.

Uddin said the management of the mall had not yet spoken with tenants as to the waiver or reduction of rent until their businesses regained their footing.

The suspension of the sailing of the Cabo Star earlier this week left some Tobagonians in panic.

He said individuals began stocking up on Kiss Bread that is shipped from Trinidad on the Cabo Star and distributed in Tobago.

Others he said, revealed they were taking no chances and purchasing flour to ensure there was enough to eat.