Residents of Sahai Trace in St Croix Road in Princes Town, stage a placard protest to highlight a landslide on Thursday. Images by Rishi Ragoonath

Residents of Sahai Trace, St Croix Road, Princes Town are protesting over a landslip that has already destroyed more than half of the road.

“We want we road fix,” chanted the residents as they called on Rural Development and Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein to release the funds to fix the landslip.

Complaining that businesses in the road are also affected, resident Sherifa Balgobin said they have been writing letters since 2018 to the relevant authorities but they have gotten no response.

She said the land has been moving for more than 20 years but the situation worsened about six years ago.

The residents said they are denied basic services as garbage collection because trucks cannot pass on the road.

Balgobin said they have written the Princes Town Regional Corporation to rename the Trace Kazim Hosein Trace hoping that it will encourage him to release the funding to the corporation to repair the road.

Riyad Mohammed of Air Link Communications, a cable and internet provider, said their business is at risk and if the company crashes a large section of the community will be out of internet services.

He said they have been forced to find alternative working arrangements for the majority of their staff.  He said although they got wrote to the Ministry of Works and Transport in 2017 and got a response nothing have been done.