The plume of Saharan Dust of significant concentrations currently across Trinidad and Tobago (red box) and the Eastern Caribbean Islands. (Image courtesy TTMS. Image source: earth nullschool)

Persons who are sensitive to changes in air quality are being advised to take the necessary precautions today, as there is a significant concentration of Saharan dust present in the atmosphere.

An advisory from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) says this current plume of Saharan Dust will persist in fluctuating concentrations until Saturday 23rd October 2021.

It will be affecting Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean Islands, and persons in these territories who are sensitive to this change in air quality should take the necessary precautions.

The Met Service says visibility at the Piarco station was recorded at 5,000 metres (5 kilometres), earlier today.