San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello says consideration may have to be given to closing the Marabella market if people continue to ignore social distancing directives.

Regrello spoke with Guardian Media at the market this morning where over 20Municipal Police Officers were trying to manage a large crowd and ensure social distancing.

The line to enter the market stretched as far as a quarter-mile.

Regrello said, “Based on what we observed last week with the indiscipline crowd we reinforced the presence of our Municipal officers to manage the crowds.” “We use a mike and were asking people to please desist (from gathering) and keep a certain distance but they not taking us on. Of course, there were the unruly ones.”

If this behaviour continues, he said, they will force his hand to take drastic measures. Regrello called on members of the public not to wait until Saturday to do their shopping as the market is open every day. “If the notion is that they are getting better prices on a Saturday that is not true. I am looking at the prices and they are the same. And with many people at home right now they could come to the market during the week and not wait until Saturday.”

Emphasising that to curb the spread of COVID-19 people must follow the instructions and guidelines of Health officials and the government, Regrello said, “I want to a make a special appeal to members of the public to stop their childish and irresponsible behaviour. He said the police officers have been working double shifts and are exhausted.

He will be meeting with the police on Monday to devise a plan and hopefully find a win-win solution to this issue.

Reporter:Sascha Wilson