San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello listens to the view of a vendor during a meeting at City Hall, in San Fernando, yesterday.

Sascha Wilson

Cross Crossing vendors breathe a sigh of relief yesterday after San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello had a change of heart.

Come Monday they will be reopening along with their colleagues in the food industry.

The vendors who sell at the popular food strip in San Fernando had expressed disappointment and frustration after they were informed on Tuesday that they will not be allowed to open until August 2.

Regrello said the council took the decision due to crowd control concerns, but they decided to meet with the vendors yesterday to come to an agreement.

Interviewed after the meeting at the City Hall Auditorium yesterday, he said, “We, the City Corporation with the responsibility to protect the citizens of San Fernando, the other stakeholders will be the vendors and the most important ones will be the customers. The problem lies with the customers. They are the problem so the other two stakeholders met this morning and we are going o put systems in place to ensure we do not break the law. “

He added: “They have given the council and our Superintendent of Police the assurance that they are going to manage the crowd, that they do not congregate, they do not assemble there. Calls will be made, they can park in their vehicles and actually do the curbside pick up. We are going to have a full contingent of officers outside there to ensure they follow the protocols and public health guidelines.”

Regrello said they are also putting a shift system in place from 6 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 8 pm.

As for street vending in the other areas, he said they will be monitoring and need arises they will make adjustments.

Meanwhile, the mayor said $53,000 is funding has been approved to carry out renovations at the sire.

The said scope of works will include improving the roadway, drainage and installation of additional toilets.

Donna May Baptiste ,who runs Cutter Comfort Food cart, was happy and relieved that she can reopen on Monday.

“People were out of work for so long it really would have been a very hard situation for people to deal with not coming out and other food places opening up. Now you have to remember that people would gravitate to the other places while we are closed so now that this has been reverted hey, hip hip hooray because now all our clients will come right back.”

Head of the Cross Crossing Food Vendors Association, Winston Cutting, who owns Winston Grill Burgers said everyone was happy because they were all looking forward to reopening since the Prime Minister’s announcement last weekend.