Homicide officers at the scene of Trotman’s murder yesterday.

A 70-year-old US deportee, father of one and grandfather of two was found chopped to death in a house at Sangre Chiquito yesterday morning.

Kevin Trotman alias “Tallman” of Eastern Main Road, Sangre Chiquito, Sangre Grande was found in a pool of blood with multiple chops to his head in the living room of the house.

Police reported that around 6:30 am a 57-year-old man of Sand Road went to the home of Trotman.

He called out to Trotman, who lived by himself but got no response which aroused his suspicion.

He left and went to Trotman’s neighbour’s house and told her that he called and he got no response from him.

Together they return to Trotman’s home to make checks and observed a door on the southern side of the house broken down.

On entering, Trotman’s friend and his neighbour observed a blood trail leading to the living room, which took them to the lifeless body of Trotman.

A report was made to the Sangre Grande Police Station and a party of police officers led by Asp Revanales responded.

The officers cordoned off the crime scene area and allowed officers from the Arouca Homicide Bureau to process the scene.

Barry Lochan, former PNM Councillor and Vice Chairman Sangre Grande Regional Corporation who lives close to the deceased described Trotman as a very helpful person, quiet and respected.

He said Trotman was always ready to assist people with his multiple skills as a mechanic, electrician and mason.

Trotman was deported from the US in 2008 and lived in the house that he was caretaker off.

Police suspect the death was the result of a robbery, as the entire house was ransacked and electronics and household items were missing.

They also believed that Trotman was attacked in his bedroom by his assailant and tried to escape by running, but fell and died in his living room.

District Medical Officer Dr Belgrave viewed the body and ordered its removal to Sangre Grande Hospital mortuary, from where it will be taken to the Forensic Science Center St James for an autopsy.

Investigations are being continued by officers attached to the Arouca Homicide Bureau.