Business goes on at Cost-Cutters Supermarket, Sangre Grande Branch, yesterday after the kidnapping of co-owner Mary Ali, 67.

A manhunt has been launched by Eastern Division police and members of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit for the kidnappers of a Sangre Grande businesswoman.

Mary Ali, 67, co-owner of the Sangre Grande branch of the Cost Cutters Supermarket, was taken by two armed men outside of the supermarket yesterday morning.

The men pushed her into a waiting vehicle on George Street, Sangre Grande around 7.50 am and drove off.

Reports indicated that Ali parked her vehicle on the supermarket compound at Juteram Street and George Street and was walking towards her business in company with two security guards, when two armed men came out of a grey Mitsubishi Cedar car, grabbed her and bundled her into the back seat of the vehicle, which drove into Coalmine Road.

The security officers, who were in company with Ali told police that they were fearful for their lives and ran off for safety. They hid behind a house.

Sangre Grande police alerted all police stations to be on the alert for the vehicle.

Senior Superintendent Aguilal, Sgts Harper, Gadar and other officers of Sangre Grande Police Station, along with Ag Cpl Randy Castillo of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, responded.

The officers made several checks of CCTV footage obtained from the business place and nearby houses for leads into the investigation.

In addition, police officers attached to the Cybercrime Unit and Special Operation Response Team (SORT) joined the investigation.

Relatives are appealing to release her, saying she was very ill and is presently on medication.

The business did not close its doors yesterday.

When Guardian Media visited the supermarket relatives seemed to be very nervous and shaky and said they didn’t wish to speak following instructions given by investigators.

No word had been received about Ali or any ransom demanded by her abductors for her release as yet up to late yesterday.