A 50-year-old man from Sangre Grande remains in hospital after being shot in his right leg on Wednesday night.

According to a police report around 7:50 pm, Rocky Ramadhin of Machack Trace, Foster Road was sitting in the living room watching the news, when his attacker approached and pulled out a gun from his waist and opened fire.

Ramadhin, who was alone at home said he ran for safety and in the process was shot on his right leg. The shooter left and made his escape on foot.

The wounded man shouted to his neighbour for assistance and was taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital, where he was treated and warded.

Ramadhin who said he knows the gunman gave the police his name and address.

Investigators said a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the man.

Visiting the scene were ASP Joseph and officers from CID. Officers from CSI processed the scene and found two 9mm spent shells.