Revellers from Paparazzi presentation of Hidden—Master of Disguise cross the stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, during the Parade of Bands yesterday.

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Stage Gone Bad dominated the Savannah stage, as the Road March race seemed to take a decisive swing towards the Kees Dieffenthaller and Neil “Iwer” George’s collaboration.

Iwer’s other road march contending collaboration with Machel Montano, was largely relegated as a pre-stage hype song or an exit song for most bands crossing the stage.

The Grand Stand’s middling audience, as well as a sprinkling of spectators in the seating are of the North Park, saw three major Band of the Year contenders within the space of two hours as Ronnie and Caro’s The Serengeti took the stage at around 9.30 am, while last year’s Large Band of the Year The Lost Tribe hit the stage with their presentation of Anansi shortly before 11 am.

The Lost Tribe accommodated Lorrie-Anne Boxil, who opted to play mas in a prosthetic leg, in a wheelchair to allow her to cross the Savannah stage.

“I was in a car accident but that won’t stop me from coming to Carnival, never, never, never,” she said.

Another Lost Tribe masquerader, Solange Des Vignes shared her spirit. On Carnival Monday, Des Vignes injured her ankle. She took the road, with her ankle wrapped up, supported by crotches which regularly raised to the air during her time on the stage.

Reigning overall Band of Year K2K Alliance followed shortly after Lost Tribe, with their presentation The Greatest Show, boasting Nicole Dyer-Griffith, the wife of Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and former Miss Trinidad and Tobago 1999, as one of their masqueraders.

Her husband had his time on stage earlier, accompanied by Minister of National Security Stuart Young and a large enough number of Special Operation Response Team officers to potentially qualify them as a small band.

Commissioner Griffith had also earlier helped quell a protest on the track as vendors were incensed that food and drinks from all-inclusive bands had made their way onto the track before the Savannah stage on Monday.

“We had a little issue with drinks trucks coming on to the track, this is something Mr David Lopez had put in place so the drinks truck wouldn’t come on the track to affect vendors. But yesterday Tribe and Harts, they flout the whole thing and bring the drinks trucks onto the track. I spoke to Mr Ken Nancoo and Mr Griffith and we came to a decision that will help everybody in there. And it avert everything and I just want to tell them thanks,” said David Baptiste, president of the Carnival Entrepreneurs Association.

Along the track, many were anxiously awaiting the return of Peter Minshall to the Savannah stage. His Kinetic Mas presentation Mas Pieta eventually took the stage shortly after 5 pm.