Aamir Khan hits a ball while playing cricket with his parents Shamir and Adita at their home in Trincity yesterday.

After a successful first week of virtual school at Trinity College East, Aamir Khan got the best gift to end it—a personal message from his favourite cricketer Daren Sammy.

Khan, who had battled with a brain tumour five years ago, passed for his first choice in this year’s Secondary Entrance Assessment examinations.

“I want to say you are the definition of a real true champion,” Sammy said in the video.

The former West Indies player and two-time T20 World Cup winning captain said 15-year-old Khan was his inspiration and he congratulated him for his academic achievement amid his challenges.

In 2016, after months of headaches and vomiting Khan’s family requested a CT scan. The result showed that the then 10-year-old had brain cancer.

“It was like an unreal feeling because we didn’t know what was next,” his father Shamir Khan said.

Today, they know that he persevered and passed for his first choice in the SEA exams even though he had to learn how to walk, talk and even eat on his own all over again.

He is now in remission.

Khan said he couldn’t believe that he got a message from Daren Sammy.

“I love cricket, Daren Sammy will always be my favourite cricketer but I also cannot forget my admiration for Sunil Narine,” Khan said.

His mother, Adita Khan said her neighbour and Sammy’s coach are friends and that was how the cricketer learnt about her son.

Other than Sammy, Adita said many people reached out to them and offered support. Her son was able to see an ENT specialist after months of cancelled appointments at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and someone pledged to assist with school supplies throughout his college experience.

“When Aamir walked out in his school uniform both my husband and I felt elated, tears of joy,” she said.

Khan is also thankful for the support.

“I would like to thank everyone for all the encouraging words…this would not have happened without God by my side.