Our SEA students, without a doubt due to the COVID-19 which is still around, did have a rough time before entering that examination room. But that is in the past as thousands of them as true champions did show up for their exams. This to me was a great accomplishment, showing the strength in them all.

Permit me to share a word of encouragement to all our champions now that results are here. While it would be great if everyone got the school of their first choice I believe by now we are well aware that it is not so.

However, that does not make any one you any less for this is not the end of your educational dream. It is only one step up the ladder which if you choose can have no end that is how far learning can go. Whatever school you are successful to attend, remember your attitude and time dedicated to learning is what will bring you the rewards. The power to be successful lies in your hands, get in there and work until you get the desired results. Remember that you are a champion, someone who never surrender nor retreat.

To those dear parents, words of a positive nature at all times, speak life over them build their confidence let them know that they are your champion. In the midst of those SEA students there will come forth leaders, business owners, teachers, politicians, public servants, and list goes on and on building a better Trinidad and Tobago. You as parents do have a vital role to play at this junction of their lives show them the bright future ahead of them. SEA student’s champions the journey is still in progress be sure to finish the trip. Stay strong.

San Juan