Security officers at Amalgamated Security Services Limited are claiming that they are being ‘forced’ to take the vaccine as a requirement of going back to work, or they must prove their coronavirus-infection status.

However, in an immediate response to the allegations, the company’s Group Marketing Manager, Robert Baur, said on behalf of the company that with regard to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic:

“The policy at Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is one of awareness, education and encouragement.”

Baur added that within the guidelines of the Public Health Regulations, and based on advice from the Government, the company is “actively encouraging all our employees to get vaccinated, but that is the extent to which ASSL will go at this point in time.”

He assured that the final decision to take or not to take the vaccine remains with each and every one of their employees.

Speaking with the Guardian Media under strict anonymity, one security officer said that some of the officers are concerned that they may lose their jobs if they don’t take the vaccine and present the necessary proof.

“Hesitancy exists among some of the officers but for various reasons and the choice should be ours but that shouldn’t affect our jobs,” the officer said.

Another officer denied such knowledge saying, “I don’t know anything about mandatory vaccine, but I know that the company is encouraging all the officers to take it because some of the clients are asking for vaccinated officers only to be assigned duty. It’s alleged but I guess time will tell.”

ASSL’s Robert Baur said:

“As a responsible and caring employer, we have implemented numerous communication channels for our employees from the very beginning of the pandemic, including but not limited to:

●   Ongoing COVID-19 related updates on our public website and within our corporate intranet.

●   Frequent communication to all employees sharing verified information for the benefit of awareness, education and vaccination encouragement.

●   Support of and corporate participation in vaccination drives.

●   Awareness sessions via ZOOM during which COVID-19 survivors and persons who had taken the vaccine shared their experiences. A Medical Doctor was present to answer any related questions.

●   Access to a 24/7 Telecare Hotline as well as a dedicated Employee Assistance Department.”