The Berth No 6 offshore platform at Pointe-a-Pierre where five divers disappeared last Friday. Only one was saved. (Image by RISHI RAGOONATH)
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Paria’s security offshore patrols continued to monitor activities around the No 6 Berth in Pointe-a-Pierre, as attempts continued to recover the body of the fourth diver, Rishi Nagassar, who remains stuck in the 30-inch diameter seabed pipeline.

Guardian Media’s Rishi Ragoonath journeyed on a boat to the offshore platform and was stopped by the security patrols who indicated that diving was in progress.

Paria Fuel Trading Company revealed that the fourth body has not yet been retrieved.

Relatives of Fyzal Kurban, Yusuf Henry and Kazim Ali Jr positively identified their bodies at the Forensic Science Centre in St James on Monday morning.

Henry’s father, Joseph Henry, said his son was unrecognizable and his casket will be sealed at the funeral. The body was badly decomposed, but he was identified by the tattoos on his chest, neck and arms.

Security personnel intercept a pirogue transporting media workers as diving continues to retrieve the body of Rishi Nagessar. (Image by RISHI RAGOONATH)

Meanwhile, relatives of Kazim Ali Jr continued to show support to his family. On his Facebook page, relatives and friends posted memories of the diver.

Cassinlina Maria wrote, “RIP shots boss Kazim Ali. You and your team fought a brave battle, and you all are going to paradise now. We will remember you and miss you forever. So long my friend, until we meet again.”

Ali’s father, Kazim Ali Sr, was said to be distraught and traumatized since his son’s demise. The younger Ali had gone to take footage of the operation.

The five divers had been attempting underwater maintenance on the 30-inch seabed pipeline when a vortex was triggered causing the men to be sucked into the pipeline.

Two hours later, diver Ronald Ramoutar rescued Christopher Boodram, who is still warded at hospital.